Community Outreach                    

We feel so fortunate to live in such a wonderful community. One aspect of what makes it great is the heart of our community members. We have been fortunate to be involved with: Supporting our local schools * Relay for Life * Serving dinners at the Ronald McDonald House * M.S. Walk Events * the YWCA – Redmond Family Village * Assistance League of the Eastside * and the ARAS Foundation.

Beyond our local communities has been our volunteerism with I.H.E. – International Health Emissaries, which has enriched our lives tremendously. The first goal of I.H.E., a private nonprofit NGO, is to provide dental care to indigent people throughout the world who otherwise would not have access to such health services. I.H.E. also works closely with local health care providers and rural schools to support their local programs and to provide public health education. The second goal of I.H.E. is to provide an opportunity for American volunteers to positively and effectively represent the United States of America and to gain a special appreciation of the foreign country visited.

Thus far Dr. John and Carolyn have traveled to Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Argentina to provide dental care. They have been greatly supported by our community with donated items (educational supplies, shoes, gently used clothing, and small toys) for the families they serve. The recipients have very limited resources and income and greatly appreciate the items that they can select from “La Tienda” following their dental treatment. Our office is always accepting of any items that you may want to donate to I.H.E.mission trips.

Serving dinner at Ronald McDonald House

Relay For Life
Monday 08.00 a.m - 05.00 p.m
Tuesday 07.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m
Wednesday   08.00 a.m - 05.00 p.m
Thursday 07.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m
Friday Emergency Services Available for Existing Patients

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